Wolverine Chapter

Antique Outboard Motor Club, Inc.

The inaugural meeting of the Chapter was held at Bob Shapton's shop facilities along the Grand River in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan on March 2, 2002.  Despite a raging snowstorm, 40+ members and a number of guests were on hand to kick things off.  Bob's spacious facilities allowed ample room inside for the members to display motors and swap/buy/sell parts and motors.  Bob hosted an impromptu seminar on the art of decal application which was of great interest to many. 

After a great lunch of brats prepared by Bob's father (Chef) Jim, a short business meeting was held where we selected a name for the Chapter from about 10 or so entries.  The winning entry was submitted by our youngest member, 7 year old Charlie Carrigan, son of Scott Carrigan, from Hickory Corners, MI.  In appreciation, Jim Shapton donated a small motor (we won't disclose the brand) to add to Charlie's growing collection, and Dick Gorz presented him with a genuine imitation Oliver patch. 

Considerable discussion was held concerning future meets;  their nature and location.  A meet committee was established and future plans will be announced here just as soon as they are available.  The previously scheduled meet in conjunction with the Saugatuck Venetian Festival on July 27th will probably take form as a "river cruise" where we will run together with our old iron and meet on the river somewhere to have a group picnic.  Sounds like great fun and should attract a lot of attention.  Saugatuck is always packed with tourists that weekend.  More on this one later too.

Your intrepid webmaster had his new digital camera along that has a lot more gizmos than his old one.  Unfortunately, he left his glasses at home and didn't have much success this time.  Better results are promised next time.  The couple that came out halfway decently are displayed here, along with some great shots of some of Bob Shapton's stuff that were shot by Chris Scratch of Cottam, Ontario (who by the way is one of our Charter Members - thanks Chris).

Keep checking back.  We'll have more as time progresses.  Meanwhile, if you have some questions or comments, email them to us at WolverineChapter@pfs-ware.com.