Wolverine Chapter

Antique Outboard Motor Club, Inc.

The Wolverine Chapter finished off it's successful first season with a great meet at Skip Finch's beautiful grounds on the shore of Sweet Lake near Gobles, Michigan on Saturday, October 26, 2002.  Attendance of about 60 wasn't hampered by the not as promised inclement weather.  Skip's large garage provided a little heat and dryness when needed and no wind materialized so it was tolerable.  Among the visitors were several from Indiana as well as others from Illinois and Wisconsin. 

Quite a number of motors and parts brought by numerous members (including 50 or so from Skip's large collection) found new homes and should provide plenty of fun over the winter for the new owners. 

Skip's wife June went overboard with a great lunch so nobody went home hungry.  Thanks, June!

Chapter President Bob Shapton brought along his recently acquired "new" World War II 2 man Military chainsaw manufactured by Kiekhaefer Corporation and demonstrated it by making short order of several logs on Skip's lawn.  Quite a sight!

Our resident engine expert Rog Dykehouse kept the interest of all right after lunch with an informative talk on Wankel engines.  Rog worked with these engines at Sealed Power Corporation while they were undergoing tests and development by the Big 3 automakers and he spoke with authority.  Very enjoyable Rog.  We will expect more technical demos from you in the future!

Member John Collins of Indianapolis acted as DJ and serenaded us with lots of "period" music.  A new touch that brought back a bunch of memories for many.  Hope to hear more of that good stuff at future meets John!

Here's some pictures of the happenings taken by member Brian Browning of Springfield, IL.  We are also expecting a bunch more shortly from member Tim Irwin, so keep tuned.

Thanks to all who attended.  Don't miss next year's version.


Sweet Lake Matthew Browning on his way to lunch Some of Skip's motors Tim Irwin checking out Merc chainsaws
Greg Gardner gabbing Jim Shapton arrives with a trailer load of goodies Bob Shapton getting the Military Merc ready to go Brandon Cooper & Bob about to give the saw its first try ever
Will it cut? Yes! Greg Gardner takes over co-pilot duties Teeter-totter action
Some of the fans at the chain-saw demo Rog Dykehouse and the Wankel Self explanatory Same - note the Liberty twin resting on the floor
Mr. Clarke's Trollers Dan Jones' pride & joy Skip's fishing fleet The original cottage - its really cute!

June Finch preparing to feed Matthew Browning some marshmellows after most of the crowd has left. Matthew does it on his own! Mystery Motor It's not really this dark, is it?
One of Skip's Treasures Another treasure Dan Jones & friend Pretty!
Bob Shapton gets it running Bob, saw, & "coffin" Friend, sans Dan Ken Morse brought this '37 'Rude Fisherman with the aftermarket rope sheave
More of Skip's stuff Some of Skip's Martins awaiting a new home Did these Elgins/Macs find a new home in Algonac? Another parade from Skip
Used parts - some free, some not Is that sunshine? Cynthia Harmon & Dan Jones (l); Blanche Dykehouse & Mona Gorz  (r) waiting for something Matthew Browning stealing the show again
Jim Shapton would sure like to unload these beauties! Shopping for bargains Last Rose of summer? Bob Shapton reaching for newly made frisbie
Bob & ole' KG7 himself (Greg Gardner) making pancakes Another pancake completed That's enough!  I'm full! "I got this really neat Neptune..."
Great Lakes Chapter boys chowin' down Mona, Skip, June, Diane Bennet & Smilin' Hans Jacobsson (foreground) Mona, Skip & Hans again, with Jim Shapton hiding behind Skip, and John Collins on the right.
  The Spread Rog Dykehouse with the Wankel