Wanted - Alive or Alive

Jack Pedersen has sent along this collection of Oliver promo & sales items that were offered to Dealers.  Jack (and the curator) would be interested in acquiring any of these items.  If you have a lead or the article, contact Jack at pedersen@computer-concepts.com or the curator at curator@pfs-ware.com.

Magazine article showing many of the Oliver Corp. promo giveaways.  Note the two outboard items on lower left.  Other outboard items included matches, ladies earrings, tie tack, money clip, keychain, charm bracelet and four types of lighters.
Upper photo depicts a  Ritepoint "Lifeliter".  Bottom left is a Dundie Bantam, center, a Zippo and right, a lighter actually built in the Battle Creek plant! Who said Mercury was the only outboard Marque to peddle a chainsaw?
Give me a dozen at that price! And a half dozen of these please! K&O Oliver Olympus model instruction sheet. 

Not an Oliver item, of course, but wanted by Jack to install a special little Oliver on.  Boat is glass, manufactured by Tomahawk, probably circa 1958.  Keep an eye out for one of these for Jack!

Here's a couple more pictures of the Playmate.  This one is "dead grass" in color:


The real K&O toy