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Restoration CornerJ2 Restoration by Rich Johanson

What's left
  • Get the Oliver running.
  • Manufacture the pivot tube for the Wizard and get it back in operation.
  • Pick up a few missing parts for the Oliver including a detent spring for the shifter lever and a new lower shock mount cover (part number 496 144J).
  • Pick up a 15 hp or 16 hp Oliver for a similar project (maybe even a Martin, but don’t tell Dick).

My Resources

Many thanks to the following:

Janet Johanson Wife and supporter, (she put her foot down however when I wanted to put the motor parts in the dishwasher).

Dick Gorz, White Cloud, MI Advice and encouragement

Paul Moneski, Pasadena, MD Advice and parts

Lee Holland, Algonac, MI Piston Rings

Russ Larson, Mead, NE. Parts

B&L Machine , Pasco WA. Milling head and block

Pasco Machine, Pasco WA. Bearings in lower unit

Twin City Metals, Kennewick, WA. Scrap metal

Tri-City Paints, Pasco WA. Custom paint

Jay’s Snowmobile Service, Finley. WA Piston and ring installation (the correct way)

Willie’s Marine Service, Pasco, WA Test coils, parts and fuel pump

Virtually every hardware store in the Tri-City area, Miscellaneous nuts & bolts and gas line

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