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A bit of Racing History

Scott Smith's "Kickerscans" of Crescent, Harrison and Konig ads has generated considerable interest from viewers.  Little organized effort has been undertaken to document the history of outboard racing.  With the help of those who have personal knowledge, experience and available information, we are beginning here a long term project dedicated to capturing and preserving this important piece of history.

Please feel free to submit any information, original articles, pictures, etc.  relating to the  people, boats and motors of yesteryear that are race related.   This would include stories, articles, pictures, etc. of manufacturers and their racing products.  All will be used.   The museum reserves the right to make minor proofing changes and to omit any objectionable material.   Send submissions to curator@pfs-ware.com.

Special thanks to Scott Smith, Peter and Bobbie Crowley, and Sam Cullis for their help in getting this project up and running.


Emails from viewers


The story of my speed record attempt with my Harrison engine…..By Peter T. Crowley

Konig History
by Sam Cullis
  The record setting run of Starflite Too