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It's not a "Hurricane", it's a .......Whirlwind!
Some Whirlwind Boat Company memorabilia from Paul Moneski - and "Other Stuff"

Click to view Whirlwind "Jr"Paul writes: "The pictured runabout was Whirlwind's early attempt in manufacturing B.U. runabouts.  This particular boat was their first and was entered into the N.Y marathon in the late 1940s (powered by a Mercury Lightning outboard) and won the race."

Click to view the Whirlwind factory buildingClick to view the Whirlwind Canoe & Sailboat assembly line"Dear Ollie, The two pictures clearly show a better time long ago, from a very rich American heritage and tradition. The outside photograph shows the Whirlwind boat plant from the mid 1950's, full production.

The inside photograph shows some of the canoe line and, at the right, a sailboat hull.   To the rear is a cabin cruiser hull.  Also, to the left of the cabin cruiser hull, is a very large industrial band saw which was used for rough cutting many parts. All the way to the right rear of the building there is a large, round object that sort of looks like the Japanese character Mothra.  Well, it's not; it is one of Whirlwind's autoclaves used to cure the glues which held these boats together.  I'm sorry, but the employees were extremely shy and would not give me their names.  I even had Franny try to coax it out of them by her promising to bake one of her delicious New England apple pies; however, no luck.  I guess we'll have to promise something else.   Will keep you posted. Leroi et ux."

<curator's note:  "Leroi" is one of Paul's pen-names, and of course, "et ux" is Frances , his wife, baker of those famous New England apple pies.>

"P.S.  Until earlier this year, <1998> the boat factory was still standing.  A number of years ago, the principal owner of Whirlwind, Mr. Charles Abramo (Charlie, as most of us know him), sold the facility to the AAI Corporation, a military defense contractor.  AAI sold the building and the property to an automobile dealer and all is being turned into a Pontiac dealership."

Click to view Whirlwind assembly line"...a photo of Whirlwind boat factory in Cockeysville, MD.  As you can see, there are two lines of boats--the sailboats on the left and the runabouts on the right."

Click to view the Whirlwind Models at the NYC boat show"Photograph from the New York boat show in the early 1950's.  While everyone was cozy inside, there was a helluva snow storm outside that year.  The outboard is an evinrude 14 h.p. Fastwin.  We think Ollie was on the other side of the lake chasing a couple of other girls, one a redhead and the other one a freckle-faced Michigan opera star. Can you guess who?"

Click to view Whirlwind "B" undergoing tests"Ol' senile can't remember what river it's on.  Oh, it's Middle River--the Whirlwind B raceboat being pretested before the New York Marathon. Remember?  Huh?  Sr. Sam"

Click to view Whirlwind postcardClick to view back of card with specs, etc.(No comments from Paul on this one!)

Click to view Whirlwind Canoe"Whirlwind canoe of all molded mahogany construction 1958 vintage.  These boats were built for approximately three years."

Click to view Whirlwind autoclave"Dick, this is a better view ofWhirlwind's autoclave system--quite large.  Think of all the apple pies you could bake in those autoclaves!  What a business!   Leroi & Fran, Franushka, Francesca [but not Franny]"

Click to view pre-mayhem scene of Kevin & Paul"Dick, What you're seeing is a Kevin Fife and Paul Moneski comedy routine in progress at one of Bob Grubb's famous summer eastern Pennsylvania meets. Kevin appears to be P.O.'d because I was using an Oliver wrench on one of his Mercs.  However, the truth be known, if you look a little more closely at the photo, you'll see that Kevin consumed all of the Heinekin from the case.  He still thinks he's the straight man of the team.   You be the judge, pie man.   Regards, Leroi et ux"

Click to view the "Moneski Mosquito Manager""Dear Richard Test Engineer, of Fame and Fortune Magazine,      I'm reporting in about my Martin "200" under test several years ago running at 6800 rpm, with a factory test wheel and with a sweet mixture of 1 1/8 pints of oil to the gallon of gasoline.  Looks good, doesn't it, Ollie? Martin said this was the secret to success for racing specs and trophies. However, what I noticed was a super plus feature not advertised by Martin that as such it's excellent for mosquito control.  Your comments, please.    Leroi"

curator:  I hope George Martin gets a chance to see this.  He would be impressed with your findings.  Don't answer that knock on the door, though.  Its not fame and fortune beating a path there, its the EPA!

Click to view the catch of the day"Salt water fishing off the Florida coast from the mid 1950's.  Where's Ollie?"

Click to view Mercury chainsaw"Captain Gorz, I think the picture is to show you what one of several models of a Mercury chain saw actually looks like, or at least that's what Karl said.

The actual discovered truth was a little different because it actually took Walt Disney's seven dwarfs under licensee to operate one of these heavy babies. Hi Ho It's off the web we go!"

This isn't an Oliver!!!!"Richard, If you think I'm restoring a Mercury Comet, you're wrong.  I'm just matching Oliver green paint."

Click to view the finished product

"Captain G, Here's a picture of my recently restored Mercury Comet.  The serial number is 239734.  Can anyone out there tell me if this motor is a 1947 or a 1948?
Incidentally, was the K emblem on the spark lever copied from Oliver K Series?
Mateys Paul & Fran"

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