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50's Stuff

More great stuff donated by Legare Walpole

Have fun assembling a new

16 page catalog featuring the full line of Chris-Craft kits.

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Page 2
8-ft. Pram Boat Kit
Page 3
10-ft. Utility Racing Pram
Page 4
12-ft. Runabout
Page 5
14-ft. Fishing Skiff
Page 6
14-ft. Runabout
Page 7
16-ft. De Luxe Runabout
Page 8
17-ft. Speedboat
Page 9
18-ft. Outboard Express Cruiser
Page 10
21-ft. Sportsman
Page 11
21-ft. Express Cruiser
Page 12
31-ft. Express Cruiser
Page 13
Boat and Utility Trailer
Page 14
Treasure Chest
Page 15
Gun Cabinet

Page 16


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